Cu Chi Tunnels

          Cu Chi Tunnels is the famous revolutionary historical vestige, 70 km North-West of Ho Chi Minh City center. As a distinctive architecture, the Tunnels of Cu Chi is a network of underground dugouts, over 200 km long, consisting of many layers and turnings with meeting, living, dining and fighting areas like a cob-web.  Cu Chi Tunnels represents the film will, intelligence and pride of Cu Chi people, symbolizes the Vietnam revolutionary heroism, so that it is offered the honorable name : “The steely land and the bronze citadel”.

Cu Chi Hamlet and Village was destroyed by bombers (1996)

The “Rats” troop tried to pacify the Tunnel (1967)

To protect the village Cu Chi people made trap sharp-bamboo (1965)

Construction the fence underneath for ready fighting (1965)

The construction of tunnel (1965)

Making weapons from unused bombs

A Cu Chi woman guerrilla

The classroom in war (1966)

The living at Fence underneath (1966)

In the tunnels


[Review] Daily Life Of Vietnam (3)

Waiting for passengers – Hoi An

Catching head louse


Going fishing together

Transplanting water rice seedlings

Following mother to the field

Sewing conical palm hats

Back home

Getting native food

Fetching firewood