Bulgarian National Costumes

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  • Male Costumes ::: Men’s costumes are of two major styles: belodreshna (predominantly white), or chernodreshna (predominantly black), depending on the colour of the outer garments. These two patterns are not geographically based varieties, but rather two consecutive stages in the development of the male costume. (See more)
  • Female Costumes ::: The different types of women’s costumes can be distinguished by the cut and wearing style of the outer garment (with men’s costumes it is the shape and colour of the outer clothes that matters most). These distinctive characteristics vary among the geographical areas and have been influenced by the specific historical circumstances. (See more)
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Issue Name ::: Definitives: Historical sights, fountains (2nd part)
Issue Date ::: 1999-08-03

Issue Name ::: 120th anniversary of the Orient Express / 120th anniversary of Bulgarian State Railways
Issue Date ::: 2008-09-11

Issue Name ::: 130th anniversary of Bulgarian Telecommunications
Issue Date ::: 2009-06-29

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